General Litigation

  • Personal Injury
  • Consumer Fraud
  • Lemon Law
  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Name Change
  • Collections
  • Guardianship


Personal Injury

If you are injured as a result of someone being careless or negligent, such as a car accident, a slip and fall or any number of other causes, you may be entitled to damages from the party at fault.

As a general rule in New Jersey, you have two years from the date of the incident to file a lawsuit or you may not ever be able to file a lawsuit.

There are other notice requirements, and lesser timeframes when a governmental entity is involved.

Charitable institutions may be fully immune from negligence claims.

If you have been injured by another, it is important to contact an attorney to make sure you are in compliance with filing and notice requirements.

If you are in this situation and have questions, please call.


Consumer Fraud

New Jersey has one of the strongest consumer protection statutes in the nation.

The goal of the Act is to protect consumers from fraudulent and unconscionable practices in the sale of goods and services.

It includes deception, fraud, false pretense, false promise, misrepresentation or knowing concealment, or omission of material facts, with the intent that others would rely upon the concealment or omission.

Claims can include home repairs, home inspections, automobile sales and repairs, appliance and furniture sales.


Lemon Law

New Jersey has a Lemon Law, which applies to new cars that cannot be repaired, if the claim is made within 24 months or 18,000 miles, whichever is first, and the defect substantially impairs the use, value or safety of the vehicle.

The dealer must be given a reasonable opportunity to cure the defect, which means at least three attempts.

Possible remedies if the claim is successful, are replacement of the vehicle or a refund less a reasonable use allowance.



If you are a residential tenant, New Jersey Law gives you protections that are not available to commercial tenants.

If you are a residential landlord and fail to comply with all requirements, there can be significant penalties assessed.

Commercial tenancies are treated differently.

If you are a landlord, you need to know the rules and your obligations.

If you are a tenant, you should know your rights.

Landlord/Tenant Law is complex and consultation with an attorney is recommended.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


Name Change

There is a judicial proceeding that allows individuals to change their name if they are not doing so to avoid criminal prosecution, avoid debts or for any fraudulent purpose.

Sometimes official name changes are needed to renew a driver"s license or obtain a passport where the name a person is commonly known by does not match their birth certificate.



If you are owed money, which a debtor is not paying or if you are being sued for money owed, a consultation may help. There are time frames that must be followed in collection matters plus various defenses, which may be available.

If you are a creditor or debtor and have questions, please contact me.



There is a specific procedure which allows for the appointment of a guardian for an individual, adult or child, who, for various reasons, is unable to manage their own affairs.


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