Mediation is a cost effective alternative to expensive, time-consuming litigation.

It is a process where a neutral mediator assists the parties in attempting to resolve their dispute by agreement, as opposed to litigation, where the dispute is resolved by a Judge entering an Order telling the parties what they must do.

Mediation is less formal than Court proceedings.  It is completely confidential and you control your fate rather than having a Judge tell you what to do.

In the end, almost all litigated cases settle.  Some settle early on and others on the eve of Trial, after significant expense.  Very few cases are decided after Trial.

The odds are probably more than 95% that you will eventually settle your dispute.

If you select Mediation in an attempt to settle all the issues in dispute, or to at least limit the issues, there can be dramatic cost savings.  Settlements can be reached in weeks instead of months or years through a Court proceeding.

I have been approved by the Supreme Court of New Jersey since 2002, as a mediator for economic aspects of Family Law cases.  I have mediated hundreds of Court referred family mediation cases since 2002.

Mediation is also very effective in areas other than Family Law, such as business disputes, neighborhood disputes, contract disputes and employer-employee disputes.
If all the parties to the dispute agree to try and mediate their issues before litigating, there is a strong possibility of success, along with the real cost savings.

If Mediation fails litigation will still be available but nothing that was said or used in Mediation, can be used in the litigation directly, as it is all confidential.

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